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Simplify Online Book

Book | Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing

Are you an entrepreneur overwhelmed by technology and web marketing?

This book is for you who are being held back from that next step because of the intimidation and overwhelm of technology. We need your gift and your voice.

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Course | What You NEED to Know BEFORE Hiring a Web Pro

"This course is for every client that has come to me after investing $1,000's in a website that isn't getting the phone to ring."

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Membership | BISVI Purpose Accelerator with Worth it Living: Advisory, Mastermind, and Partnerships

A Single Membership That Empowers You with Digital Advisory, CTO Leadership, Mastermind-Level Networking, Partnerships & Powerful Software.

...It's kinda like hiring a CTO, joining a mastermind, and getting a business coach - but better.

Currently not accepting applications.

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BISVI Services | Fractions CxO Services & Strategic Advisory

Strategic advisory with Benjamin Kamp in fractional CTO, CMO, and CSO roles. Connecting technology products with people.

Benjamin Kamp

Meet Benjamin Kamp.

Hi my name is Benjamin Kamp. I spent 20 years as a developer, web consultant, technology leader, and CTO. I’m sure you know what it's like to be caught up in the web of technology and marketing.

You know you need to be online, but it’s not improving your life nor your business.

I’ve seen too many businesses struggle against technology, the very thing that was supposed to help them. Too many who haven’t been able to reach their true potential because of intimidation or a web consultant that leads their business in the wrong direction.

That’s why I wrote the book and course “Simplify Online". It will help you get clarity on exactly what types of technology and marketing will work best for your customer, your business, and for the lifestyle you want to create.

Larger companies have a CTO to lead their digital strategy, but entrepreneurs are left to figure it out for themselves. It doesn't have to be that way anymore.
Benjamin runs BISVI where he offers on-demand CTO and digital leadership services to SMB/SME businesses.