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Free Virtual CTO & Digital Advisory

Web marketing? SEO? New Web Site? AdWords? Facebook Ads? Social Media?

 Test our digital & web advisory service with our FREE virtual CTO.

Large companies have a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to help them make the right web & digital marketing decisions.

Not all businesses have that luxury. Most business owners I know try to figure out everything themselves. Decide if they need SEO or a new website. Then hire a professional to do that.

Isn’t that backwards?

Shouldn’t the professional help you decide what needs to be done? To identify what will give you a solid ROI and what is a waste of your time and money.

We think so. We offer monthly on-demand CTO & one-time express advisory services. Start here and test-drive our FREE automated virtual CTO.

Click the button to start or restart the virtual CTO:

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From Our Founder

Why Digital Leadership…

From working directly with small businesses as a web designer and programmer, to advising for multiple web agencies on an untold number of smaller projects. I’ve too often seen small and medium businesses not getting what they really need…

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Virtual CTO

Digital Marketing & Web Advisory Services or dedicated Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Leadership. Get the perfect solution for your business.