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Bisvi “Stacks” are optimized integrations of multiple tools to simplify, drive sales, and help you do what you do best.

Building custom stacks for clients is a part of what we offer in our Express Advisory and On-Demand CTO Services.

Who is the Sales Funnel Stack For?

The Bisvi High-Value Sales Funnel Stack is built for sales teams of any size that are working with medium-high value sales targets.

The stack has a low cost of entry and will quickly scale with you and your team.

The StackThe Why
Sales Tool

Pipedrive is the base for this simple high-value sales funnel. Pipedrive is the best for hands-on sales teams of any size. If you don't have a sales pipeline it's not for you.

Survicate is an optin (get emails), but built on a survey tool. Only use it if you are going to ask questions to prequalify your lead and get the right person in touch with them with the right information. And surveys usually convert better than forms! Leads land right in Pipedrive.
Get Talking!

You know how quick you can land a sale if you can talk to a potential client. It's hard to get people to pick up their phone and call on a website. CallPage lets potential clients get a call from you (CallPage calls you and when you answer calls the client).



What you're using now.
First, keep using what you have and work on your sales funnels. If you don't have a website then my advice is landing pages for medium/high value clients. The reason is you can easily A/B test different text and images and see what converts best. Landingi is great for this and connects with Pipedrive. Wishpond also connects with Pipedrive and I recommend it for companies that are actively driving sales through social media since it has built in social promotions.

GetResponse is a pretty slick email newsletter system that's more than a newsletter. It also integrates directly with Survicate and CallPage so you can get potential clients on an email list that are not ready for your sales pipeline. I like GetResponse because you also get landing pages and webinars with the plan. While the landing pages are not as robust as Landingi and don't directly integrate into Pipedrive, they're a great option if you want to have fewer tools and less cost.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to learn a ton of information about where your visitors are coming from. Woopra is more focused on what your visitors are doing. Both are free and Woopra integrates directly into Pipedrive.