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E-commerce Advisory & Business Strategy Consulting

Because E-commerce Businesses Need a CTO to Lead Their Digital Strategy.

E-commerce advisory and strategy for serious e-commerce businesses.

our E-commerce advisory & CTO Services

Larger e-commerce businesses have their digital strategy designed by a full-time CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The CTO understands both the future goals of the business and the e-commerce technology that can be a vehicle for the bigger vision.

The right e-commerce platform is more than the shopping cart. The right advisor understands logistics, shipping, payments, security, and most of all – how all those elements connect to a e-commerce marketing strategy.

Smaller e-commerce businesses don’t have that luxury. I’ve seen and known too many e-commerce businesses that bounce from provider to consultant to service – never finding the right fit. Then looking for the next consultant to sell them the next e-commerce platform that they represent.

Wouldn’t it be better to find an e-commerce advisor, or better yet, a CTO, who can help you develop a strategy? Then let the e-commerce strategy pick the tools, developers, and platform.

E-commerce Advisory Service with business & digital marketing strategy.

Our below one-time “Express Web Advisory” & monthly “On-Demand CTO” services are perfect for your e-commerce business…

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Virtual CTO

Digital Marketing & Web Advisory Services or dedicated Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Leadership. Get the perfect solution for your business.

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Why Digital Leadership...

From working directly with small businesses as a web designer and programmer, to advising for multiple web agencies on an untold number of smaller projects. I’ve too often seen small and medium businesses not getting what they really need…