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On-demand Web & Digital Advisory

In 2018 every business needs digital leadership; not all need a full-time CTO / CMO.
(Chief Technology Officer / Chief Marketing Officer)

How much further could you go with a CTO leading your digital strategy?

Introducing digital leadership for small and medium business…

It’s vital that your vision & digital strategy are taking your business in the same direction. Are you moving towards your dream or away from it?

In 20 years of leading businesses and agencies in growth through technology and web, the most important thing I’ve learned is that every business is unique. There is no single solution that I, nor anyone else, can sell you.

…every business is unique. There is no single solution…

But, there is a solution for every business. Advisory.

Benjamin Kamp

Benjamin Kamp

CTO, Digital & Web Advisor, Executive Coach


Bisvi Services

  • Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) & CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Digital & Web Advisory

On-Demand CTO

You have the dream.
We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to make it happen.

A programmer programs. A designer designs. We listen – to understand your business and goals. And help you plan and execute your online presence the right way.

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Virtual CTO

Digital Marketing & Web Advisory Services or dedicated Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Leadership. Get the perfect solution for your business.

Web Advisory

You don’t need a website…
You need results.

Imagine you had an employee who met with your leads, pre-qualified them, and put them in the right sales funnel. Now imagine if that employee worked around the clock and could talk with 100’s of leads at the same time.

You see where I’m going with this? Yeah, it’s the potential of the web and technology.

How is the web working for you now?
Is it an employee that you will be fighting to keep?

A lot of the time it’s not that you need a new website, but a new approach to the web.

  • What systems do you have in place to find problems before your customers do?
  • Do you know if your message is connecting with your audience? Do you A/B test?
  • Are you getting a positive ROI when you invest in your website?

What we do -

We’re your digital sherpa – helping you select the right tools, platforms, providers, and technologies to save you money, simplify your life, and reach your goals.
On-Demand CTO

Digital Leadership

Web Advisory

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Technology Consulting

Web Platforms

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CTO Services

What We Can Do For You

You have questions about your website, marketing, and technology. We have answers. Larger companies have a dedicated CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to make sure that digital strategy and technology align with the bigger vision. That’s something that all businesses need, but something that hasn’t been available before. We’re changing that…

On-Demand CTO

CTO Digital Leadership for small and medium business.

Digital Leadership

Leadership that makes technology work for you.

Web Advisory

Advisory for your web strategy, platform, and technology.

Digital Marketing

Advisory and consulting services to map out your digital marketing strategy.

From Our Founder

Why digital leadership…

From working directly with small businesses as a web designer and programmer, to advising for multiple web agencies on an untold number of smaller projects. I’ve too often seen small and medium businesses not getting what they really need…