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Why Every Business Needs a CTO

Do you have someone that holds your vision in one hand and digital strategy in the other? Larger companies do. It’s called a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and they make sure the technology and digital strategy all line up with the future goals and mission of the...

Simple & Powerful High-Value Sales Funnel Stacks

Bisvi "Stacks" are optimized integrations of multiple tools to simplify, drive sales, and help you do what you do best. Building custom stacks for clients is a part of what we offer in our Express Advisory and On-Demand CTO Services. Who is the Sales Funnel Stack For?...

GDPR Simplified for US Businesses

What is GDPR? The GDPR is the "General Data Processing Regulation", legislation by the European Union that from May, 25th 2018, does two primary things: Establishes personal data rights for individuals in the EU Sets principles for how businesses should store and...

The New Web – Businesses Connecting with Customers

I believe the web is a lot simpler than we are making it out to be. The whole concept of building a website is less about the website and more about the space you create for connection. I've worked with web development, programming, and marketing for almost 20 years....

Bisvi Web Advisory & CTO Services

Web Advisory & CTO Services

Digital advisory and on-demand/virtual CTO (chief technology officer) services.

CTO Services

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