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There are a lot of great deals for a growing your business going on now…

I’ll post them and update as I see them.

First, just because something is on sale – doesn’t mean you need it. Don’t be trapped by the fear of missing out. I buy way too many of these deals, but it’s with purpose. My job is to advise, to know what software and technology is going to get your company to where you are supposed to be.

So let’s start with a mindset of keeping things simple and focused on what matters.

If you haven’d read my book “Simplify Online” yet, then check it out at

Focus on your person first. Then focus on connecting with them. Then the lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your business.

To the deals.

SaaS Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


Topping the list is the Cyberbundle with up to $17,716 worth of savings on SaaS tools. They are also running a giveaway – don’t miss that either.

My favorite Cyberbundle highlights:

VYPER – there are a few different tools that run viral contests and giveaways. I would say Gleam is the most well known of the bunch, but then I’d put Vyper in #2. Of course #2 comes with advantages, especially since Vyper is about half the price of Gleam (1/4 the price with the Cyberbundle Black Friday through Cyber Monday offer).

WebCEO is great SEO software that I’ve used quite a bit. Their offer is good for agencies and larger businesses. They are doubling your subscription.

NEWOLDSTAMP is who I use to generate my email footer. If you get an email from me and see me smiling at you – this is how I did it. They are offering 50% off for the first payment in the Cyberbundle Black Friday through Cyber Monday offer.

AdSoup – I have to mention because they have great software, but it’s not for the novice. If you want detailed reporting on the exact value of every traffic source, then you can do it with them. The Cyberbundle Black Friday through Cyber Monday offer gives 35% off for life.

Checkout the Cyberbundle Black Friday through Cyber Monday offer which is available from Nov 22nd till Nov 26th, 2018.


Appsumo has brought back some of their deals for Black Friday.

Filmora was one of the first deals I bought from them and they just keep the good deals rolling in!

The best deal they have would be Depositphotos stock images. You just can’t get royalty-free stock photos for less than a dollar. They are giving 100 for $50. That’s as cheap as it gets.

SaaS Friday

SaaS Friday is running another batch of deals from Black Friday until Cyber Monday. They are presenting 13 different Saas products that all use coupon code “SAASFRIDAY18”

SaaS Friday isn’t quite at the same level as Cyberbundle. There’s some decent deals, but most are for the first 3-6 months or first payment. There are only several which actually offer a lifetime discount.

The main software I actively use in the Saas Friday list is Salesflare. It’s a basic and smart CRM that tries to put as little work on you as possible. There’s a lot of automation that goes on behind the scenes. This is one of several CRM systems that I use in my own business, both so that I can keep up with how different CRM system are developing and because it lets me use each one to their own strength.

Other SaaS Deals

JotForm is offering 50% off of their forms. If you’ve read my book or taken any of my course you know that the easy alternative to a complex app is a SaaS form like JotForm that you can hook up to most any tool you can think of.

Software on Sale for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

CCleaner is offering 50% off! CCleaner is a tool I use on my own PC computers to keep them quick. It deletes all the extra files that both take up room on your computer and slow things down. CCleaner also deletes cache and removes other tracking cookies to protect your privacy and makes your computer more secure.


Updated: Nov 25 @ 3:49 PST