A Single Membership That Empowers You with Digital Advisory, CTO Leadership, Mastermind-Level Networking, Partnerships & Powerful Software.

...It's kinda like hiring a CTO, joining a mastermind, and getting a business coach - but better.

I'm Excited to Introduce You to the "Bisvi Purpose Accelerator"

Get Back to Basics, Get Direction, Get Results.

I'm Benjamin Kamp, the author of “Simplify Online,” a Digital Advisor, and On-Demand CTO (Chief Technology Officer). I've seen too many dreams limited by overly-complicated solutions, as well as the overwhelm and intimidation of technology.

While larger companies have a CTO to lead their digital strategy most entrepreneurs are left to figure it out for themselves. Hopping from expert to expert - all who put their templated strategy and tool-set onto your business. That's why it's not working! Your business is unique and you are unique.

If you want to get your business where you want it to, in the way you want to, with the lifestyle and culture you want to create - then you need digital leadership. Someone who will take YOUR vision and help you understand what that looks like online - and then talk about the strategies and tools behind that.

How can you get digital leadership that moves you towards your vision and goals?

Hire A CTO

Most larger companies have a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) that works directly with the leadership to ensure the digital strategy and technology is in line with the larger vision. With an average net salary of $180,000 a CTO would cost you about $20,000 a month.

Contract with an On-Demand CTO

I offer on-demand CTO services. It's an amazing value for growing companies that are not quite ready for the commitment of a full-time CTO. Starting at 1/10th the cost, I offer three tiers: $2k, $5k, and $10k per month. This might be what you are looking for, if you need more hands-on digital leadership, but there's something else I've been burning to create for a long time...

Introducing the Bisvi Purpose Accelerator!

It took about three years to figure out a way I could offer the same high-value CTO digital leadership to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs - the very group I saw needed it most. And now it's here! Delivering a HUGE amount or value at the fraction of the cost of a CTO (or any other employee).

The Bisvi Purpose Accelerator is in collaboration with Worth it Living.

The Insane Value You're About to Get:

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive landing page training course.

  • Access to on-demand CTO level digital advisory and coaching. (Value: $2000/month)
  • Access to business coaching and consulting. (Value: $500/month)
  • Purposeful mastermind group focused on growth, networking, and building partnerships. (Value: $500/month)
  • Powerful software we connect to your online properties to better understand your people, prevent problems, and better coach your digital strategy. (Value: $721/month))
  • Discounts and advisory on additional software, tools, and resources. (Average savings: $350/month)
Total Value: $4,071/month

...And at $4,000 per month it would be totally worth it.

If I priced the Bisvi Accelerator Coaching at $2000 it would be an insane price. But I want to make this accessible to any business that is passionate about making a difference and leaving this world a better place.

Right now I have a limited number of slots open in the Bisvi Purpose Accelerator for only $497 per month!

Apply today by clicking the button below. We have a few questions for you to make sure we're a good fit. After that we'll begin the process of getting you and your company setup on our platform!

Benjamin found that our Google Ads campaign was not targeting the specific locations we wanted customers from. Once that was fixed we had so many new leads that we had to pause our ad campaign while we hired new staff.

Houshold Services

Bisvi found that our customers where confused by our checkout process and after advising us on several changes we saw over 300% growth in sales.

Paleo Web Shop

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  • Q.What is the difference between the On-Demand CTO service and the Bisvi Purpose Accelerator?

    A.The On-Demand CTO service is more hands-on. You’re going to get a lot of the same information, but it won’t be quite as interactive and more of the implementation will be left to you and your team. You also will have less access directly to Benjamin Kamp, but you will be able to purchase additional 1-on-1 advisory and coaching session at an extremely discounted rate (75% off).

  • Q.Can I cancel at any time?

    A.Absolutely! I put together a deal that I believe is such an insane value, that my goal and even profitability, is dependent on long-term relationships. But it’s on me to make sure that I am delivering enough value and return on your investment that it’s a joy for you to stay in the program. If it’s not right for you, cancel at any time.